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I Am Crazy About Elvis

He is handsome, sweet, has great hair and loves peanut butter and banana.  This is  Elvis…  adorable, right? IMG_3947 I love the other Elvis too.  If only he had a better diet!  In honor of both Elvis’, I offer you this recipe for No Bake Elvis Bars.  These chilled bars, made with almond butter, bananas and dark chocolate, are healthy and easy to make. They are from a site I love called Oh She Glows.  Every single recipe I have made from her site has been beyond delicious (and healthy).

  • Healthy dessert?  It’s possible.. !  These bars are made with almond butter instead of peanut butter .  Almond butter has more healthy fat than peanut butter, 4 times more vitamin E (which offers cell protection from free radicals) , more fiber, and is a better source of minerals (including calcium, zinc, iron and potassium). Buy organic, with no added ingredients for greatest health benefits.  Bananas have potassium  (prevents mus519DB420-D686-4952-A42A-A9B1C7CDC14Ccle cramps), vitamin C,  B-6 (grows new cells) and manganese (metabolism and bone health).  Dark chocolate has tons of antioxidants and fights free radicals.  This is definitely a healthy treat.

Elvis wants me to tell you that doggies can eat almond butter and bananas too!  He likes Banana Almond Butter Puppy Treats.  Might as well make some treats for your pup while you have the ingredients out.

This is a picture of yet another Elvis, in Vegas, renewing my wedding vows.

I can’t help falling in love with healthy desserts, and if you are lonesome tonight ..  , make these delicious bars.  They will always be on your mind.

Love me tender,

Brook and Elvis




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