It’s Getting Hot in Here

We are going to be talking about getting sweaty!  Believe it not, sweating is essential for good health.  In addition to helping us regulate body temperature, sweating is one of the body’s natural ways to heal.  You need to sweat in order to be healthy.  To jog… or not to jog? One of the newest “buzzy” wellness trends is getting a lot of attention, and you are going to love it, because guess what?  No jogging required. You don’t even have to move!  Infrared saunas are a great (and easy) way to burn calories, get rid of toxins, and they have numerous other health benefits … all while relaxing, reading a magazine, and, of course,

Heat treatments have been used to heal the body for thousands of years.  They have come a long way since the sweat lodges used by Native Americans!  Infrared saunas (unlike traditional Swedish saunas, which only heats the air around you), use light, or radiant heat to work it’s magic.  The light waves heat the body directly, from the inside -out, to penetrate deeper into the skin, and reach the fat and muscles. This causes a rise in core temperature that results in a deep, detoxifying sweat at the cellular level.  There are different levels, including near- infrared, middle-infrared and far-infrared.

There are many benefits of this relaxing therapy.  Here are some of my favorites:

Weight Loss –  Just like excercise, the heat generated in the sauna causes your heart rate to increase (because your body is working harder to lower your core temperature).  An article titled “Effect of Sweating” in the Journal of American Medical Association concluded that a 30 minute session could burn roughly 600 calories.  See you later, stair machine!

Anti-Aging  –  Infrared saunas can promote faster cell regeneration and stimulate collagen.  Improve your skin tone, reduce wrinkles, AND calorie burn? Sign me up.

Detoxification  – Sweating releases toxins.  Many holistic practitioners consider sweat therapy to be the safest, and most effective way to detox.  Infrared saunas eliminate up to seven times more toxins than traditional Swedish saunas, all while not having to sit next to sweaty old men.

Relaxation  –  Infrared saunas promote relaxation by helping balance your body’s level of cortisol (your stress hormone). The heat generated also helps relax muscles and relieve tension.  What is less stressful than burning calories while you browse Pinterest?

InfaredSaunaGraphicInfrared Saunas are also known to help lower your blood pressure, (by increasing blood flow), help your circulation, help with muscle and joint pain, improve muscle recovery after work outs and if all this is just not enough… it even improves your mood by increasing your serotonin (so you won’t be so mad at your trainer …ha)

If you are pregnant, have a history of heart problems, or on medication… check with your health care person first.  Otherwise, find a sauna near you and start sweating! It only takes about 25 minutes !  My friend told me she was going to buy one for her house, so let me know when you have it set up!  I will be your first customer.




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