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Baby It’s Cold…Inside

pexels-photo-326240.jpegI really, really hate being cold.  I love all things warm… like hot chocolate, fires, Mexico and puppies.  Puppies count.. they are warm.  It might be surprising to hear that I recently, somewhat willingly, subjected myself to a really cool wellness therapy. I am talking sub-zero kind of cool.  This whole body therapy has quite a long list of health and wellness benefits, and it is quick and painless.  It’s cold, but the benefits were too amazing to pass up.

Whole Body Cryotherapy is a body treatment that involves short exposures to subzero temperatures (as low as negative 300 degrees Fahrenheit … yikes) for about two to five minutes.  The many benefits of cryotherapy include reduced inflammation, accelerated sports recover, improved sleep, elevated mood, collagen production, increased metabolism, detoxification, and increased immune function.  I would have done it for just the increased collagen production (firmer skin!) alone…  Oh, I forgot to mention that  you can burn up to 800 calories each session!!  Bring on the brrrrrrrrr.

Here’s how it works:

During a three minute session, the cold temperature causes blood supply to flow to the most vital organs to provide more oxygen and nutrients.  Once you leave the cold environment, the enriched and less-toxic blood is flushed back into the rest of the body.  Over the next 4-6 hours, the process of restoration occurs, and your body returns to a better state.

Here’s what to expect:

I was asked to put on a pair of shorts, socks, shoes, and gloves.  The cryosauna machine looks similar to a stand up tanning booth.  You step in, and your head is sticking out of the top.  The cold, dry air (medical grade liquid nitrogen) surrounds and you start to get chilly right away. You can listen to music or talk to a friend if you like.  Garret, the owner of CyoNC, talked to me the entire time, and the three minutes was over really quickly.   You feel a rush of endorphins and energy afterwards and you have a great kind of tingly feeling all over your body as you warmed back up.  People say they have more mental focus as well., like drinking several cups of coffee (without the jitters).

This is me, freezing but burning calories

Wait… there is more!

  • Cryotherapy stimulates the vagus nerve, reducing anxiety and fatigue
  • Reduces chronic inflammation
  • Speeds recovery after a workout or injury
  • Joint and muscle strength is increased
  • Releases endorphins into the bloodstream, and reduces cortisol levels (who knew being so cold would make you happier?
  • Increased collagen, firmer skin and lessens the appearance of wrinkles.  Jennifer Anniston and Demi Moore are both avid users, and Christiano Ronaldo even bought a chamber to keep in his house.
  • Even Dr. Oz approves!

I hope you enjoy your freeze as much as I did.  Don’t be a “ cryo baby” and try it out!

Call CryoNC at 919-824-5742 ( and check out the website for more info and pics) and mention you learned about this on my blog and Garret will give you $10.00 off your initial visit (which will only be $25.00).  He is located at 6837 Falls of Neuse Rd in Raleigh, NC.  Maybe he will talk you though your visit as well…

Let me know what you think!  I promise that you will be cold hooked!






One thought on “Baby It’s Cold…Inside

  1. So happy PurelyBrook is back! Love your article and cute picture:). Thank you for the info, I’ll go with you to keep me busy and not think how cold I will be!:)

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